Roadmap to Revenue

Learn how to build the plan you need to get the results you want.

Reverse Engineer Your Outcomes

The Roadmap to Revenue is designed to help you find your strongest ROI opportunities and to pursue them effectively using the most minimal resources and time. It combines product development, pricing strategy, operations and marketing concepts to help you delight customers and build revenue-focused growth for your business.

Do you have a clear plan to achieve your revenue goals for your business?
Map out how you're getting from idea to sustainability

Accountability-Focused Progress

The methods behind this tool have been tested and proven effective for large corporations, small startups and many companies in between.


1. Your product or service strategy
2. Your marketing strategy
3. Your growth strategy

Learn how to use your brand values to create unforgettable experiences, tailored to the real people your company will serve next.


1. Your optimal market opportunity
2. Your customer development plan
3. Your traction & scaling path

Learn how to identify sales opportunities that are your lowest cost & highest profit options and build out your plan to get your message in front of these niche audiences.

Gain Traction & Scale

The ability to listen to a market begins where ego and brute force ends. Set the stage for the long-game for your business.

Implement best practices so that your company grows sustainably. Get beyond assumptions and leverage your company’s data to adjust your business model towards your highest yield opportunities.

Your organization will never learn what you or your team think you already know and it is essential to explore the often ignored questions that separate successful and failing businesses. The Roadmap to Revenue shares the essential components to build your own master plan.

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The Roadmap to Revenue Includes:

Market Opportunity

How do you assess the business opportunities available to you? The market landscape is easy to misread but with the right investigation, you can get clear insight into potential new customers before you invest in a path.

Product-Market Fit

Product-Market Fit determination is the first step to building a successful venture and demonstrates the degree to which a product satisfies a strong market demand. It’s essential to get this right before beginning scaling efforts.


Effective positioning strategy allows a company to spotlight specific areas where they can outshine and beat their competitions. Learn to identify strengths and weaknesses of the organization, the needs of the customers and market and the position of competitors.

Customer Development

Use personas to understand how to reach customers and how to communicate with them effectively about their needs and desires throughout your brand experience. Get past assumptions and begin to really learn from your desired audience.

First Sales & Sales Testing

Learn how to conduct useful early sales testing and how to build out sales strategies focused on optimal customers. Test assumptions and get useful reactions and inputs as early as possible.

Outcomes Assessment

Determine your highest impact KPI’s for early-phase assessments and map out your lowest cost sales development path that gives you the strongest revenue. Learn how to exclude vanity metrics.

Lead Generation

Reach only your desired niche audience & building your community of engaged, interested true fans. Avoid wasting effort and resources on low-yield tactics and hone in on best practices for building your brand for the long term.

Traction & Scaling

Progress reporting through dashboards and effective accountability can make all the difference in achieving your end goals. Plan out your advisory board and build your plan of sprints and appropriate pivot points to create your next big win.

Rebecca J. Tiffany

“After years of supporting big brands, mid-sized companies and startups, I’ve decided it’s time to help even more individuals and teams who are ready to learn and apply these outcomes focused methodologies. These tactics turned new brands into niche market icons, ran marketing generating hundreds of millions in revenue in the corporate space and guided start-ups and mid-sized businesses to identify their clearest path to scalable business.”

The Roadmap to Revenue includes lessons learned from:


Annual Revenue Corporate Products Marketed


Pre-Order Product Units Sold Through Crowd-funding D2C Marketing


Single Niche Target Audience Built & Sustained

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Online Hosted Learning

Get access to self-paced online classes and templates to build your own Roadmap to Revenue. Lessons are broken down into plug-and-play modules with real life cases to help you envision how to use the material within your venture.

Cohort Coaching

This 3 month program combines online classes and resources with in-person sessions and a group of peers to grow with. You’ll receive daily challenges and weekly guidance to help you build your Roadmap to Revenue thoughtfully and thoroughly.


We can help your team build out your next revenue generation strategy. From single day workshop strategy sessions to ongoing advisory services to hold teams accountable for growth, we hold your hand every step of the way.