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Build Your Recurring Revenue Stream in this hands-on 3-week cohort course

You’ve got talent so why does it seem like you are always working so hard? It’s time to build a different kind of income – recurring revenue and capitalize on your own expertise.
Do you have wisdom & experience in your industry? Learn how to turn that into more passive income by structuring your offerings for scalability.

What is Recurring Revenue?

There are many ways to create recurring income.  

  • Subscriptions
  • Repeatable offers
  • Unique services
  • Licensing
  • Affiliates
  • Membership programs
  • Packaging existing skills & offerings in new way

But while there are thousands of ways to make recurring income, you just need to get started with one.

Use this free too to create traction accountability for your ideas and ensure you achieve your impact goals

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You’ve got talent and enough time on your hands to get started. You just need some guidance & accountability to make YOUR recurring revenue – a reality.

This class is designed for:

  • Soloprenuers
  • Small businesses
  • Side-hustles
  • Individuals wanting live support to work through idea validation & product launch

In this 3 week cohort program you’ll:

1. Learn the essentials of how to design the product or service you are offering for sale.

2. Build out your personal plan of action and plot out your offering details.

3. Be held accountable to take action on launching the first phase of your pilot within 90 days of completing this workshop.

You'll receive: 

  • An “Opportunity Heatmap” to help you identify which areas of your business could be translated into a recurring revenue model.
  • An “Offer Design Template” to help you organize all the necessary details you’ll need to launch your offer and get your team on board.
  • A “Go-To-Market Guide” for socializing & testing your idea with your existing customers.
  • The support you need to get your pilot idea off the ground.

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Recurring Revenue Bootcamp
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This class is tailored for small businesses, soloprenuers, and people building side-gigs – at all stages of building a business – even if you are just in the brainstorming phase of your new venture. We recommend you learn all you can and use tools like this workshop to help you TEST your ideas BEFORE you make a significant life change to depending on new income sources of this type.

Wherever you are on the launch journey, (even if you’re 15 years into leading a thriving company), there’s always more to learn. Come join our next cohort and let’s get your idea off the ground!