Advisory Board

Learn how to build the oversight and insight you need to get the results you want.


Accountability to Maximize Your Growth

You may be great at giving other businesses advice but when it comes to your own it’s essential that you have outside input to see what you don’t. 

Do you have wise, seasoned advisors helping you make good decisions for your business strategy?

What's an Advisory Board?

An advisory board is NOT a board of directors. 
Your advisory board members must be people who: 
  • Keep your proprietary secrets
  • Call you out on your BS (kindly, encouragingly, and respectfully) 
  • Help you get unstuck and 
  • Guide you from a place of truly caring about your well-being and the success of your company. 
It may be created from your inner circle of your most qualified friends and close connections or it may be people you aren’t close to but who stand out as trustworthy, caring, experienced, and wise in the areas you need. This can be a formal, paid arrangement or it can be less structured. 

What’s critical is that you have the right people answering the questions on your mind at pivotal moments in your business growth journey. 

You will likely need  outside perspectives from:

1. People who understand buyers in your market.

2. People who can help you think through negotiations and people management.

3. People who understand business finance, strategy and have personal experience in the zero to success startup space. 

4. People who have connections to people you need to be connected to for your business. 

How can you build your own Advisory Board?

Grab this free download

This is the Launch Cafe Advisory Board structured report-out template. We use this exact template. Our executive leadership team reviews this monthly.  
This structure works for all stages of building a business – even if you are still in the brainstorming phase of beginning a startup. We recommend you begin to create an accountability structure for yourself like this with trustworthy advisors. 
Wherever you are on the launch journey, (even if you’re 15 years into leading a thriving company), WHO you listen to will determine if your business succeeds in the future.