Are you somebody who is dreaming of building a business that makes the world a better place?

Launch Cafe has been thoughtfully created for people just like you. We help social mission entrepreneurs make money and thrive in what they do.
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A Little Story About An Unexpected Life

- Rebecca (Becky) Tiffany, founder, Launch Cafe

“Becoming a single mom of two preschool kids was not on my life master plan. I was 30 years old and suddenly living in one of the most expensive places in America with no money, no family to help, and no college degree or credentials to get a job with, and a family to provide for.

I was scared. And very alone.
It's been over a decade since then.

I discovered awesome methods to build online and in-person audiences, and create magnetic, scalable business solutions that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, all for companies with clear commitments to making the world better. I built a consulting company that enabled us to live the life we wanted, here in the big city.

But I didn't succeed doing it alone.
Community made all the difference.

I found tremendous mentors and wonderful people who gave me a shot at incredible opportunities.

I didn't have community at the beginning.

I had to go find it through trial and error. And there’s no way I’d have achieved all I have without building a chosen family of brave, constantly learning co-conspirators who help and teach one another, as a way of life.”
And it’s that community of support that I wanted to create at scale for people like me who have big entrepreneurial dreams and a willingness to work, but need help along the way.”

That’s how Launch Cafe was born.

Launch Cafe is a community for YOU to belong to, to find the support YOU need and to pay it forward, giving support to others.
Plus we're sharing our entire toolkit for launching products and services here.

And we’re bringing in the experts we’ve have learned from to share their secrets too.

What's different

Build the world you want to live in, one person, one business at a time.

Success comes from having the right voices in your life when you're at a crossroads.

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to business advice. Entrepreneurial success doesn’t just come from having all the right funnels and formulas.
Friends for the journey make all the difference.
At launch cafe you'll find

Everyday Support

Ask for input

Want feedback on your new website or idea? Pop in and post your question!


Map out profitable and sustainable plans for your business


Build relationships with like-minded collaborative entrepreneurs


Dig into structured education in online interactive learning opportunities


Make a deeper commitment in a specific area and join a seasonal cohort for exponential growth


Virutal meetups for fun, impactful learning and work sessions

Learn and Master The Skills You Need To

Build Your Dream Business

Wherever you’re going on your entrepreneurial journey, we’re here to help you get there.
Create the business ecosystem you believe the world needs by participating in intentional social-good entrepreneurship community.

Let’s get your idea off the ground!

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