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"We believe that startups and brands are in the best position to radically improve the human experience and to push society forward into a better, healthier, safer, more holistic future. We’re here to help you build that better world, together."

Rebecca J. Tiffany, founder

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Launch Cafe exists to provide a trusted learning and development community for entrepreneurs. We are honored to help people at all stages of their journey make progress toward getting their next big idea off the ground. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an accomplished one, we’re here for you.

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To help ensure your success we’re publishing realistic, achievable, plain language resources of all the things that have helped us achieve tremendous results to give you all you need to get your idea off the ground:​


To help you get your idea launched, we’re building out guides, courses and private sessions with experts who can answer all of your questions and help you plan to succeed.


From marketing campaign planning templates to product-market fit tools, we’ve got free and paid resources that can help you all along your path.


When the going gets hard, the dreamers refuel. A large amount of your success in launching your big idea starts with mindset and energy.


Creators, dreamers and innovators need people who understand and support them. We are growing an in-person and online cohort of change makers just like you.
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